24 Typefaces

Student under Mark Laughlin, 2019

This book is the result of a project for Typography I at Northeastern. I was assigned to set a 100-page book outlining 24 different typefaces and their designers. The book would also include 24 custom logotypes from the 24 various typefaces. I formatted each page in InDesign; it was a painstaking yet rewarding process.

logotype book mockup

I first created 24 logotypes out of 24 different typefaces, 12 serif and 12 sans serif.

logotype mockup copy

I was challenged to include a connective element in my book, for which I chose to hand embroider a letter from each typeface. I created the illusion of a continuous thread trailing along each page to connect them all.

The most time consuming portion of this project involved teaching myself how to embroider. I then edited the embroidered letters in Photoshop, eliminating the canvas background and isolating each letterform, after which they were ready to insert into my book. I definitely have a newfound appreciation for embroidery.

type toc mockup