Boston Public Market

Graphic Designer, 2020

The Boston Public Market Association is a not-for-profit organization  that focuses on New England food system resilience, public health, & food access. Local food producers and artisans are featured at the Market, which operates year-round in downtown Boston. The BPM allows small businesses to thrive and nourishes the greater Boston community through events that promote education and conversation. 

I am currently working as a graphic designer at the BPM. As the company's only designer, I have been able to own a variety of projects, including event branding, social media, menu & signage design, and most recently, print media highlighting the BPM's COVID-19 response.

As a part of this project, I created a series of signs that promote public health by reminding Market visitors of some commonplace rules.  

BPM_COVID_signs_creative_Sandwich 1
BPM_COVID_signs_creative_Sandwich 3
BPM_COVID_signs_creative_Sandwich 2
BPM_COVID_signs_creative_Sandwich 4

We had to think about the new ways that visitors were going to move through & interact with the Market. I created a series of 15 signs that outlined these changes, such as one-way aisle flow and new rules
from vendors.  

BPM_COVID_signs_Please Use Gloves

An icon set was needed for various signs. Some of the more abstract concepts were a bit challenging to illustrate. 


Designing signage for a physical space like the Market was a new
& exciting process for me. It involved walking through the space and figuring out what specific messages needed to be conveyed at
various locations. 

BPM_WEREOPEN_signs_sandwich_We’re Open 2

I've worked on a bunch of interesting projects for the BPM, but designing a response to a global pandemic was particularly engaging and challenging. My hope is that my work helped visitors feel welcome and safe by reminding them of the BPM's commitment to safety. This was one of the most fulfilling design challenges I have tackled to date.